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Things to Consider for Family Safety



Set aside one day a week for a specific family      activity night.  Schedule this in your “Important      Appointments”section to make this a priority.

¤  Set aside a time to privately interview each child once       a month.  This is a good way for father to get to know        his children andvice versa. All subjects are open to       discussion.

 Turn off cell phones.  Use landlines at home.  This        requires scheduling of phone calls for the children and       keeps the conversation open to all.  This also keeps the       children in the social family area andnot locked in their       rooms away from the family on the phone.

  All content of cell phones, ipods, SD chips etc. Are        subject to parental review at any time.

  No texting while in a family setting unless it is in       accordancewith the time set by family rules or extra       time has been earned.  Set up a family time when NO       TEXTING is allowed.

oComputer time is regulated and monitored by keeping         the screen faced to open view.

 Children should not have their own secret passwords.        There must be transparency and open communication        while on the computer.

Take the time to learn what you need to learn in order       to monitor what is being viewed on the computer.

 Understand that pornography is available as FREE         phone apps disguised as “beautiful people” sites and        by various misspelled popular web searches and that        your children are being exposed unsolicited.        Encourage children to talk about the sites they hit even        though they may be embarrassed or intrugued by        mistakenly spelled entries that promote pornography.

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