Easy to implement

“I have six children and have been using using the happy face token system which teaches Honesty, Choice and Accountability, & Responsibility. People would always comment on what great children I have. I truly contribute this to being able to implement a system so easy which took the difficulty of being consistent out of my hands and put the responsibility on the children to account for their behavior and actions. It is truly an inspired program.” Susan, TX

 Helping me make quantum leaps!

I feel certain, from my experience with this program already, that I will be able to teach and guide my older daughters to help and think helpfully, which will enable our home to be  peaceful and happy. This book IS and has been a heaven-sent gift to me. It has blessed me in my Motherhood... and my life!!! I'm so very thankful!!!  Victoria, FL

   A real family plan, not just an idea.

 “It is simple to use. I have been implenting it with my 12 and 9 year old and they love to earn "happy faces". The author, Debbie Preece, uses lots of examples through out the book and at the end she shares psychology on why this system works. I would recommend it for any parent who is struggling. “ Kay, Ca

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Children learn self-regulation!
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