Combat Mom-From Combat Zone to Love at Home Combat Mom-From Combat Zone to Love at Home Combat Mom-From Combat Zone to Love at Home FROM COMBAT ZONE TO LOVE AT HOME





Find out about the most remarkable family discipline program that lasts for years and adapts as the children grow. Special Ops Battle Plan for happy families

Learn how to avoid foxhole parenting as you discover how to maneuver through the landmine's of selfishness and sibling rivalry to bring smiles to your family.

Get specific ‘MOM MISSIONS’ and feel success as you accomplish your MISSION of  BEST MOM in the World!

Christ-Centered parenting the strong-willed child.

Learn the difference between a bribe, blessing and reward using the principles of the Garden of Eden.

Reward chart for the whole family

See the best reward list for kids here.  It’s not what you’d expect.  It’s GUARANTEED to work!

LOOK INSIDE the best parenting book for frustrated parents wanting to survive parenthood joyfully.


Survival Manual-160 color pages

Survival Kit CD -print ready charts

Parenting class taught by Debbie Preece


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The Happy Face Token System-Debbie Preece

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Command Post for frustrated parents

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